It doesn’t take much to take us from a thankful attitude to feeling frustrated and grumpy. And yet thanksgiving is life changing. Here is a simple poem to make us think about that.

The day was gray and dark clouds wept
as rain splashed down and cold wind swept
across the ground into my heart.
My day was not how I'd hoped it'd start.  
But then I saw the trees with arms
stretched up in praise and not alarm,
giving thanks to God above
for sending rain, the earth's lifeblood.
And flowers seemed to bow their heads
in prayer of thanks and not of fret.
The heavens answered joyfully,
with fireworks to hear and see. 

When rain was done, there in the sky
God's promised rainbow met my eyes,
from land to heaven and back to land--
this bow of many-colored bands.
And as I gazed at promise kept,
into my heart thanksgiving crept.
A seed of praise was growing there
for God's kept word and loving care.
Darlene Estlow, 2014

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