My Dad was a tease

Lyle at 21, a sailor
Lyle at 21, a sailor

This was my father, a sailor after high school. He and my mom were married almost fifty-six years when he passed away.

I asked my mother once what she liked about Daddy when she met him. She said it was his red hair. He had lots of red, curly hair and the only thing that changed as he got older was that it turned gray. Except when he joined the Navy and they cut it all off! Mama was really mad at the Navy!

Daddy was a tease. One time when we had company for dinner, Mama served coffee and then ask if anyone wanted seconds. She went to the kitchen, get the coffee pot, returned, and poured second cups of coffee. Except for Daddy. He never wanted a second cup.  Daddy spoke up, “You didn’t ask me if I wanted a second cup.” Mama apologized, jumped up, went to the kitchen and returned with the coffee pot. Daddy said, “I don’t want a cup of coffee, I just want to be asked.”

Mama didn’t pour him a second cup. I think if it had been me, I would have!

But he was really a good guy. Daddy always said Mama was beautiful, no matter what she was wearing. It didn’t seem just words; he always treated her like she was the best thing in the world.

I think that’s why she put up with his antics!


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