Recently, I started a new journey. About two weeks ago I has surgery for breast cancer. As I talked to the Lord about it, He gave me this poem.

Do you trust me as you walk through valleys filled with pain?
Do you trust me when the questions have no answers once again?
Do you trust me when my face seems hidden by a cloud?
Do you trust me when your life becomes another one like Job’s?
Do you trust me in the walk through all the troubles that surround?
Do you trust me when the world seems it will stop its going round?
Do you trust me when I take you into valleys dark and drear?
Do you trust me, child, to love and lead you through each day and year?
Do you know that I am present by your side, your hand in mine?
Will you trust me in the trials when my joy you cannot find?
Trust me and my light will shine and joy will fill your life.
Trust me, child, I love you; my joy will still your strife.

And I do trust Him. He is wise. In all my journeys, He has guided me safely to the other shore! He knows a whole lot more about me and my life than I do!