Birthday wishes for my mom

When I was on FaceBook today, a notice was there that it was my mom’s birthday. It was hard to see that posted. My mom passed away this last May. She would have been 92 today.  It has been a little over six months.

I had opened her FaceBook account about five or six years ago, thinking she would enjoy contact with relatives and friends. She did but she didn’t have a computer and didn’t know anything about them. While she enjoyed it at first, she didn’t stay interested in it. I should have pursued it with her, but circumstances and time weren’t in our favor and it was set aside.

And so, I had to say goodbye again. Not easy, but these days, I find I am saying goodbye a lot–from the doughnut shop she enjoyed going to (which I pass a lot), to just driving and thinking about how much fun it was to take her on rides. She  loved taking rides. I would turn on my GPS and just go down unfamiliar roads, assured that we could find our way home! With Christmas coming, I will miss taking her to see the Christmas lights. We didn’t do that last year, it was too cold for her so I took pictures and showed them to her. I’m sure it would have been the same this year, but there are still the fond memories of times I got to have fun with her.

I grieve. But I have found that if I concentrate on thanks for being with her during her last six years and for the fun things we got to do, my grieving gets easier. No one can take those memories from me and because of them, she is still part of my life. So happy birthday, my sweet mom. I still love you, but though I miss you, I am thankful that you no longer suffer. You have gone home to Jesus and I am looking forward to seeing you again. Blessings.


6 thoughts on “Birthday wishes for my mom

  1. How very true all that you said was true. One of the reasons my Christmas lights are so many is for mom she always wanted to have tons of lights and I did it all for her. She never got to see them but this year she can look down and see them for herself. I love you mom and happy birthday with your husband and son!!!!!!!!

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  2. I saw that too, and grieved with you, but none of us would wish her back from where she is–with G& G & her sisters & brother, & her husband & son
    –at least not for her sake. Angel Hugs to my dear Aunt Esther!! & Grandpa tooi!! Beth


  3. My wife Andrea and I have gone through much the same Darlene. So many places we continue to visit to dine, to re-experience through scenic drives, the banks, hotels, shopping locations…all the things and places our loved ones lost used to engage in and the memories are hard.

    Andrea lost her mom last November and everywhere we go, the many televisions shows and music her mom loved…Jacqui remains so vividly present in so many ways. Though my parents have been gone (mom ten years, dad 2 years) from us some time now the memories, their voices, their touch, their interests, their personalities resonate with every turn.

    We find that in our mid-fifties the incidence of loss is much more frequent now. While we cannot turn back the clock we can certainly continue to celebrate the wonderful time we shared together…that inspires us to carry on in their name, in their conscience, in their blessing.

    Too, the holiday season is particularly difficult but we persist…they would surely want it that way.

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    1. Thanks, Don. It doesn’t matter how long ago the loss occurred, grief comes at times. I lost my husband almost 9 years ago but this morning I found I was grieving! Love makes us vulnerable but it also makes life good. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog.


  4. I don’t know why but you remind me of my mum. I’m not sure if it’s because you are a deeply spiritual person or what it is. My mum was very passionate about her life with Christ, and it maybe because that is all she really had when she found herself on her own. She like your mum would have been 92 this year, but she passed in 1999. My thoughts are with you, bless you!

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