My mom filled our house with music, from songs of faith to songs from the 40’s. My daughters are familiar with Teddy Bears’ Picnic along with several others because she passed them on to me and I sang them to my girls. One of the highlights in her life was singing in the Billie Graham choir.
Even when Mama was ill because of her asthma, she still sang. She had a lovely voice. When she was still at home, her father used to have her sing as one sister played the piano and he played the violin. It lead to singing lessons. The teacher wanted her to continue, but Daddy came into her life and she chose to marry him and move to Texas where he was stationed in the Navy. She loved being married, even the part about washing laundry out by hand because she didn’t have a washing machine at first (hard for me to imagine that being a great thing) and was overjoyed when they had children. Her family was her life.
Her family was very musical but Mama didn’t learn to play the piano. However, after I left home Daddy bought her a small house organ which she learned to play. She did very well and Daddy would lay on the couch and listen to her play.
She never regretted giving up her singing lessons. However when she was ninety and I was caring for her, she asked if it had been a mistake not to pursue a singing career. I just patted her hand and told her she may not have made money with her voice but she had a good audience anyway.

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