Memory shelf
Memory shelf

What you see is my “memory shelf.” Items from my husband, my father, my mother, and my brother are there. It isn’t a big collection; I don’t have room for a lot. But in my small but adequate room, I saved one shelf of my “book case” for these memories.
The funniest one is my from my brother’s M&M collection. He loved m&m’s and so for gifts, people bought him M&M memorabilia. There were enough pieces to supply sisters, nieces, and nephews each with one. It was fun to see what people chose. As I looked at it this morning, it made me sad and drew me to write this blog.

The horn player from the M&M collection
M&M horn player

There is a dove, wings spread, given us by Hospice in honor of Wayne that first Christmas after his death. It is a Christmas tree ornament, but sits on a shelf as well. For Mama’s memorial service, the mortuary gave us candles in a glass with a picture of her on them. They gave us one, but were kind enough to give us two others so each of us girls could have one. Mama collected elephants; she loved elephants and always said she wanted one for a pet. And the little dog reminded me of her Rascal, who died when he was fifteen, just before Mama did. She was so concerned for him. I was afraid to tell her he passed away, but when I finally did, she cried a little and relaxed. She worried so about what would happen to him after she died and never seemed satisfied with my sister’s and my assurances that we would take care of him. She seemed relieved to think she didn’t have to worry about him anymore.

There is the little crystal dish that has Daddy’s name on it that Mama kept some things in, along with a small pair of wooden shoes she and Daddy had as long as I can remember. I was quite fond of them and couldn’t bear to part with them. The little porcelain doll reminds me of her. The little box on the right is a miniature horse drawn pumper that belonged to my husband. He had several small cars like that in a little box for the wall, but I decided to take just one with me when I moved. There is a white handkerchief, edged in hand-made lace that belonged to my grandmother. The small black item on the left is a block of tea that my husband had even before we were married. You just shaved off some to make a cup of tea. I haven’t used it. I’m not sure how good tea would taste when it is so old! In the back is a family picture taken in 2007 when we gave my mama a surprise party for her 85th birthday. And she was surprised! It was so much fun to surprise her.

This is my memory shelf. Perhaps some day I can have a bigger shelf and include more memories. Meanwhile, I can look at them and remember those I love and will always be part of my life.

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