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Well, not quite. But just three days left around here! One friend I talked to said her daughter was already missing school. So I ask my grandchildren if they are ready to go back to school instead of having summer. You guessed right. “No way, Grandma!” My daughter is thinking the same thing. She teaches middle school. She likes her job but confessed that she is looking forward to summer.

My oldest grandson is graduating the end of the month. He will be headed to college next fall. How fast they grow!

Happy summer vacation!


My grandson just finished his sixth grade online school. There were some delays at the beginning, so he has had to work while his brothers and sister enjoyed summer vacation. But yesterday, he did his final test! And all this while the family was moving into a new house the last couple weeks of June. What a year. He worked so hard and did so well. It was so neat working with him. We have a few weeks before we go at it again, doing seventh grade online. I am looking forward to working with him again. It keeps me young!

For now, I am going to enjoy my summer, too! And a little more time on my blogging as well as having their family in their new house!