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Reginald G P Cuddles

Our rooster
Our rooster

Mr. Reginald Gray Peeps Cuddles is quite a character with his feathery legs and his regal appearance. Until a few weeks ago, there were several hens and one more rooster. However, my family sold all of them except Mr. Cuddles and his friend, Henrietta. Chickens are social creatures and since all their friends have gone away, they have just each other and we always see them together.

Mr. Cuddles with Henrietta
Mr. Cuddles with Henrietta

How did Mr. Cuddles get his name? When he was a “Gray Peep,” he was the favorite of my 5-year-old grandson. Nathanael would catch him and hold him (which led to the name Mr. Cuddles); he loved his gray peep dearly. Mr. Cuddles doesn’t often get cuddled now, but Nathanael loves him dearly still. When the other chickens were finding new homes, we couldn’t bear to part with this family “pet.” Mr. Cuddles got to stay and since Henrietta didn’t find a new home, she got to stay, too.
Mr. Cuddles’ first name, Reginald? It just fit his regal (or is it pompous?) bearing.


Writing 201: Poetry Challenge: Animal, concrete, enjambent

The Poetry challenge: Prompt: animal; form: concrete; device: enjambment. My prompt is a cat; in concrete, I tried to do the poetry in the form of a cat; in enjambment, each line ends with a /, meaning the sentence goes onto the next line. Hope you enjoy it.

Pay attention!
Monster Cat
                            m a s t e r
                       of the house or so
                     he  thinks, demanding 
                 what he wants for you to do./
                 He'll tell the message so you 
                  will not miss/ his wish. His
                     staring eyes  will pierce
                       you through./ So regal
                      in his  stature as he sits/
                   before you thinking you will read
                 his  mind./   Sometimes  his  eyes will
               close while sitting straight,/ but still his
               body sits in perfect line./  Just put an empty
               box   where  he  can  see/  perhaps a bowl that
               he can fit into./ He can’t resist; he’ll squeeze
               his body in./ Even an empty tissue  box might do./ 
               No dirty fur for this four-legged one./His tongue is
                busy cleaning up his fur./ (Can you imagine bathing
                 just like this?)/ But cleanliness is part of his 
                     allure./ And yet when one has grabbed your
                     heart,/ you're his.  He  cuddles near with a 
                 purr,/ demanding  that  you  pet  him. Slave concurs,/ 
                not just  with  loving  hands,  but  says,  "Yes, sir."