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LOVE IS . . . a poetry challenge

I want to thank Lightwalker1 for nominating for this task.
The task is to write 10 lines about what you believe Love represents or as the title suggests LOVE IS…..!
Each line begins with the word Love and is only 4 words long. Once the poem is written – challenge 15 other bloggers to do the same.
Each person I challenge does not have to accept. This is for fun. I certainly had fun coming up with my list of what Love is.
I hope you enjoy my submission and those I have challenged.

Here is my “Love Is”
Love never stays inward
Love always looks outward
Love gives of itself
Love keeps its word

Love reacts in patience
Love never is rude
Love walks with manners
Love looks for the truth

Love listens to others
Love walks in respect

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