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How many memories I have of my dear sweet mama, now in heaven four years. To honor her, I want to repeat a poem I posted awhile back because it has such good memories of who she was. She was a delightful lady, full of fun, music, and love of others.


Your greatgrandson is only four
but he’s heard the songs from the forties.
“Abba Dabba Honeymoon,”
“Me and My Shadow,”
“Playmate, Come Out And Play with Me,”
“Teddy Bear’s Picnic,”
songs you sang to Gayle and me
when she was three and I was four
and more.

Maybe someday he’ll get to meet Mrs. Doodenlopper.
She used to come take care of Gayle and me.
She looked like you.
We said, “You’re our mother!”
She always replied, “Oh no,
she’s at the store. She’ll be home soon.”
Then we would have tea
and giggle
when Gayle was five and I was six
and more.

He’ll never get to see the doll furniture your made
for Gayle and me
from orange crates
with a hammer, nails, and your butcher knife
when you were pregnant with Wayne.
It made a dandy kitchen with
empty thread spools for knobs.
We wore them out playing house
when Gayle was six and I was seven
and more.

Mama and friends at her 90th birthday celebration
Mama and friends at her 90th birthday celebration

My mama passed away May 14, 2014. I’ve been thinking about that for a few days now; that date is coming fast.  It hardly seems possible it has been almost two years! I am so thankful that I got to repay her in her last days in a small way for her care and love for me throughout my life.

We had an impromptu party for her 90th birthday and many friends came to the donut shop, her favorite place, to wish her happy birthday.  She loved it. She didn’t have the energy to do this the next year when she turned 91. I’m glad we did it when she could enjoy it! Here is a poem to honor this special lady in those last few months.


She walks slower now,
unsteady unless she has her walker.
She forgets to use it;
I watch carefully so she won’t fall;
She talks more quietly,
so it is hard to follow her thoughts.
She doesn’t understand when I ask her
to clarify what she is telling me.
Her attention wanders more easily;
The Waltons doesn’t hold it as well.
Her favorite place to go is the donut shop.
She wants to order two donuts,
even though she doesn’t even finish one,
and only drinks a couple sips of her coffee,
even though they are favorite foods.
Arthritis pain assaults her neck;
it is her constant companion.
Time seems a blur to her–
who came and when, it puzzles her.
It seems it is time for her to go home,
but God hasn’t called her yet.
She feels her life has no purpose now,
I must admit I don’t understand either,
but God has His mysteries, dealt in wisdom.
And in His wisdom, He has me here,
caring for her, teaching me through the pain of love
that He does indeed care for her.

Love in ten sentences

Thank you Passion through Poetry for the invitation to the Poetry Challenge, Love in ten sentences. The poem has ten lines of four words, each containing the word Love. I am to nominate ten people to take the challenge. Here is the poem.

Love in Ten Sentences

God loves all people
He gives us love
He sent His love
so we could love
“Love your neighbor
as you love yourself”
not with weak love
but love in truth
Love casts out fear
For Jesus is Love

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LOVE IS . . . a poetry challenge

I want to thank Lightwalker1 for nominating for this task.
The task is to write 10 lines about what you believe Love represents or as the title suggests LOVE IS…..!
Each line begins with the word Love and is only 4 words long. Once the poem is written – challenge 15 other bloggers to do the same.
Each person I challenge does not have to accept. This is for fun. I certainly had fun coming up with my list of what Love is.
I hope you enjoy my submission and those I have challenged.

Here is my “Love Is”
Love never stays inward
Love always looks outward
Love gives of itself
Love keeps its word

Love reacts in patience
Love never is rude
Love walks with manners
Love looks for the truth

Love listens to others
Love walks in respect

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