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God as human

This morning I was listening to a post by Dutch Sheets. He asked some interesting questions to ask Jesus about his coming to earth to be human. What did it feel like to be hurt? What did it feel like to lose his father? What did it feel like to be rejected by his brothers and his people? I was reminded that Jesus went through all the things we go through. God came to earth and experienced all the hard things we do. Praise God, He loved us enough to come and show us the way to God–to be that way–bringing us peace and good will!

Man and God
Sent from God

May God bless you with His peace and joy this Christmas and New Year as He draws your heart to His.


What hope Christmas brings. Life is scary and bad things are happening. But this is not all there is. God, in His love, sent His Son as a human being to give us hope.  

Born a baby
Born a king
Through the skies
Glories ring.

Peace with God
the angels say
He is bringing
Freedom's day

Worship Him
the worthy one
for the baby
is God's Son
  Darlene Estlow 2021

This Child of Grace


This Child of Grace of Christmas fame

was sent to us who fail at life,

who struggle to find peace and hope,

but spend our lives in sin and strife.

This Child of Grace, one sent from God

for love of men who do not know

that through His grace this Child gives hope,

that life with peace from Him could grow.

This Child of Grace, the perfect One,

this Child of Grace, the worthy One,

who left His throne in heaven above—

this Child of Grace, God’s only Son.



A few months ago, we celebrated Christmas–God incarnate, coming in the flesh as a baby. How neat to celebrate that time!
But now the baby is grown. He has died. He has risen. He is alive. I celebrate because I have life in Him, beginning when I came to believe in Him and accept His lordship, to go through eternity! So I celebrate. I have hope!

“Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you when he was still with you in Galilee?”
(Luke 24:5, 6)


The truth be told we’re tied to sin.
Iniquity, transgression tell the truth
of our lives. Sin tosses us bare bones for
life but death is our reward and takes our hope.

But One from heaven took human form and lived
in total submission to His Father, defeating
death and delivering deliverance to those
who choose His life. The truth be told,
our ties to sin are demolished.
Life is transformed.
We have hope.


Rejoice! for death has lost its sting.
The grave is empty, for the King
no longer lies in chains of death.
He is alive, defeated death.

This living King will soon one day
rule earth and heaven in righteous way.
No longer will the evil stain
what God has made, for Christ will reign.

Trust in the Lord . . .

Japanese Tea Garden
Japanese Tea Garden

Many years ago, my husband and I walked through a Japanese Tea Garden. It was a lovely, peaceful place. The land had been landscaped and the trees trimmed. It had been transformed.

So with my life. As I go through rough times, I am prone to dwell in fear or anger. It doesn’t help the situation, but it is hard not to react that way when I don’t the pain and grief.

But like the gardener who does beautiful things with the land, God is a gardener who does beautiful things with my life. He can give me peace in the midst of His trimmings and diggings. He has given me a promise that has become dear to my heart: Proverbs 3:5-8. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your way straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes. Fear the Lord and shun evil. This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.”

Recently a friend told me her mother had died of brain cancer about four years ago. She had quoted those verses to her daughter many times. It was her life verse. Now, during this difficult time, she clung to it. It gave her peace and strength.

As I have experienced trials, God has used them to minister and strengthen others. I am grateful. I often think how God gave His Son so we may have life. Can I do less than suffer graciously so I can give comfort to others–maybe even life?

God alone knows where the trials lead and how they will end. I’m glad He does. Someday I can ask Him about those things. Meanwhile, I ask for grace to trust Him and experience His peace through all the stormy skies and rough roads.




May your Christmas be blessed!


Come into the night
where shadows cover all.
Hear the angels’ song:
“Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace to men
on whom his favor rests.”

Come look to the sky
where darkness hides the day.
See the star’s light
that leads to the promise
of peace on earth to men
on whom his favor rests.

Come see the baby
lying in the manger,
fulfillment of the angels’ song,
fulfillment of the star’s promise
of peace on earth to men
on whom his favor rests.


The results of our election for the President have left some feeling hopeless. They fail to realize that government isn’t the answer. Hope came to earth 2000 years ago when God Himself came to earth and with His life, death, and resurrection showed us there is more to life than what we see here. This life is not all there is. I am so glad.

For those who have lost hope, regardless of the situation:


In the middle of bitter days,
God gave me a seed of hope.
I buried it deep in the soil
of my heart, far from the
probing eyes of the Spirit of God.
I feared the Light that He Is
would cause it to live and thrive
and bring pain. But God plowed
my heart with His Word and watered
the soil with His love. My heart
surrendered to the growing
seed and yielded a garden
of joy and trust in the living God.

Darlene ©2005

May God fill you with His hope in Jesus!


December sadness

Three loved ones
Three loved ones

my husband
My Michael






As Christmas approaches, I have been experiencing such a feeling of sadness. I understand why. This is the Christmas without my precious mom. She went home to be with the Lord in May. But I think there is more. December 18 would be my 49th anniversary if my husband was still living. He has been gone almost eight years, but I guess I’ll never stop having those moments when I miss him. And I think I am still a little tender about my brother’s dying in August 2012. And although my Daddy died in 1998, there are times I still miss him. So goes grieving. It catches us by surprise when those moments come. I guess it shouldn’t, but doesn’t it always?

All that makes me think of my poor little Mama. She and Daddy were married almost 56 years when she lost him. And then to lose a child, no matter how old, was terrible for her. I think it must have been harder than losing Daddy, if that is possible. Children shouldn’t die before their parents, but all through history, they have. My daughter almost lost her 2 year old son three years ago. But we were so thankful that we still have him and he is a normal, active 5 year old, full of mischief and life.

As I have thought a lot about losses this month. I realize that under my sadness, I still have joy. Not the giggly kind that is happiness, but the deep kind that holds onto hope. I think of the message of Christmas and the gift of Christmas: the baby, God in human form, who came to give us hope for each day, strength to go on and to know that the best is not in this life, but in the one to come where we will never have to say goodbye.