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Someday perhaps I will see my great grandchildren. My sister, who is a year younger, has several great grandchildren. My oldest grandson is 16 (I hope he waits a few years before blessing me in that area!).

Someday I may see 100. I am feeling good at 73; hopefully, if the Lord wills, my health will hold up!

Someday I am looking forward to heaven. Jesus has blessed my life and I look forward to His blessings for eternity! I may not see my great grandchildren in this life. I may not see 100. But I do plan on seeing my Lord Jesus!



A Momma’s view asked that her readers share something good that happened to them. The good thing that happened to me this morning was going to church and getting to join with others in praising our great Creator God. I blessed Him, but in turn I was greatly blessed with the talk of heaven and what it will be like. I have much to do here, but this morning will go with me as I face the trials that come along!

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The years go by, but deep inside
my brain says I am still sixteen.
And though the face denies it’s true,
and gray replaces brown in hair,
the age inside can’t be denied.
But as I look back down the road
and see the two that came from me
and seven more who came from them,
I find that I don’t really mind
that I am so much older than
my soul would have me to believe.
Heaven’s door is closer now,
to dwell with Jesus Christ my Lord.
And when my days on earth are done,
my life continues to be lived
in those that I have left behind.
So while my brain says I am young,
and mirror says that I am old,
I’ll smile at inside trickery
and let God fill my life with joy.