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Messiah has come! Lift up your heads!
The fullness of time has arrived and the grace
of God is revealed for all of mankind.
His arms are wide open to give His embrace.

Messiah has come! Lift up your heads!
The angels deliver the message of peace
for God has sent Jesus from heaven to earth
to deliver from death--its power will cease.

Messiah has come! Lift up your heads!
True life has come for people on earth
The promise is given for those who will seek.
Messiah has promised for each a new birth.

Messiah has come! Lift up your heads!
One day we will stand in his presence in heaven,
free from life's sorrows and sickness and pain,
free from the hold of sin's old nature's leaven.

Messiah has come! Lift up your heads!
Let rejoicing begin and our praises ring out, 
for Jesus has come to show us God's love.
Messiah has come! Of this we will shout.

I am back

I haven’t been on my blog for awhile. Too many things interferred! But I am going to try again and do some posting. I have missed it. To start the process, here is a Thanksgiving poem, late for Thanksgiving Day, but never too late for life!

Like a flower blooming
in arid place,
thanks will turn the desert
into a land of grace. 

This Child of Grace


This Child of Grace of Christmas fame

was sent to us who fail at life,

who struggle to find peace and hope,

but spend our lives in sin and strife.

This Child of Grace, one sent from God

for love of men who do not know

that through His grace this Child gives hope,

that life with peace from Him could grow.

This Child of Grace, the perfect One,

this Child of Grace, the worthy One,

who left His throne in heaven above—

this Child of Grace, God’s only Son.