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Summer is just what I want after a cold winter and spring. Finally it is here. But if I had lovely days all the time, would I be grateful all the time? My human nature wants to find something to complain about. So when the days turn blustery and wet when I hoped for a dry warm day, I pray that God would help me to have a thankful heart for the many blessings He has bestowed!


Gifts. So many of them. Sometimes I miss them because I am not looking. I took the challenge from the Christian writer, Ann Voskamp to find 1000 gifts from our Creator God. This is my “Thank You Journal”.  I  list my gifts and find I have lots to be thankful for. They aren’t major gifts. One day it was a sunny day after a lot of winter days. Another day it was simply peanut butter or half a grapefruit. Some days it is that I feel really good or I don’t hurt. I have given thanks for water that comes to my house so easily when I have read that clean water is available in some countries. My grandchildren, my car running despite many miles on it, a hot cup of coffee, a day at home after a busy week are all marvelous gifts. The other day I wrote tacos. I had been wanting to have tacos but since I live alone, I wouldn’t be able to buy just enough make only one meal. When I was at my daughter’s the other day, they had tacos for dinner and I got to stay.

I have made a commitment to put down five things I am thankful for every day. It may seem silly to some that I write down these simple things as gifts. But doing that reminds me that God is interested in even the little events of my life. When things aren’t going well, they remind me that God is there and He is taking care of me. In the really bad times which we all go through, I can have peace.

This isn’t the first Thank You Journal I have kept. But it is the prettiest and probably the least expensive. But inside are words of gold. So I add, thank you, Father in Heaven, that you give me gifts that show me you care. Not big ones most of the time, but small ones I can tuck into my heart. I love you.

His Works of Art

It was pleasant sitting outside and swinging on the porch swing the other evening. It was warm, but not too uncomfortable. I was pleasantly surprised to see a hummingbird fly around the feeder, land, suck in some food, and fly off again. The next day I saw a couple birds, then three, then four, eventually five. It was a marvelous sight.

Hungry humming birds
Hungry humming birds



What a gift from the Creator to see His works of art!








Day Fourteen writing assignment for Writing 101: To Whom It May Concern. Today’s Prompt: Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration. Today’s twist: write the post in the form of a letter.

Dear Lord, You always know what to send to add cheer to my life. You are so good to me. Thank you for the beautiful red bird that fed at the bird feeder outside my window. You give me many gifts to enjoy. I always want to have a thankful heart.

Your servant,


Light from the candle
Light shining through the rocks in the candle

God has given me so many things! Saying thanks to Him for His gifts of the gentle wind, the beautiful blue sky, my warm house, a hot shower, food, etc., doesn’t take my eyes off Him, it focuses me on what is truly important—He is the source of everything; I can trust His goodness in the choices He makes in my life. I find I rejoice as I walk in Him; as I do, He fills me with joy and peace. As I give Him for all the gifts, great and small that He gives, I begin to release my life to His hands and live without fear of what the future holds. I can trust someone who delights to give me gifts. And when He chooses to withhold His gifts, I can still be thankful because He is changing me so I am less about me and more about Him. As that happens, I walk in more peace and joy, for that is who He is. I can be content with whatever lot He gives me because He is with me and has great things in store for me in the next life as I spend eternity with Jesus