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Writing 201: Poetry Challenge: Animal, concrete, enjambent

The Poetry challenge: Prompt: animal; form: concrete; device: enjambment. My prompt is a cat; in concrete, I tried to do the poetry in the form of a cat; in enjambment, each line ends with a /, meaning the sentence goes onto the next line. Hope you enjoy it.

Pay attention!
Monster Cat
                            m a s t e r
                       of the house or so
                     he  thinks, demanding 
                 what he wants for you to do./
                 He'll tell the message so you 
                  will not miss/ his wish. His
                     staring eyes  will pierce
                       you through./ So regal
                      in his  stature as he sits/
                   before you thinking you will read
                 his  mind./   Sometimes  his  eyes will
               close while sitting straight,/ but still his
               body sits in perfect line./  Just put an empty
               box   where  he  can  see/  perhaps a bowl that
               he can fit into./ He can’t resist; he’ll squeeze
               his body in./ Even an empty tissue  box might do./ 
               No dirty fur for this four-legged one./His tongue is
                busy cleaning up his fur./ (Can you imagine bathing
                 just like this?)/ But cleanliness is part of his 
                     allure./ And yet when one has grabbed your
                     heart,/ you're his.  He  cuddles near with a 
                 purr,/ demanding  that  you  pet  him. Slave concurs,/ 
                not just  with  loving  hands,  but  says,  "Yes, sir."