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Here is the second part of “The Phone Call” posted for Finish It! #6. I have had a couple busy weeks and been out of town this week so I haven’t had a chance to do much with it. The link to the first part of the story is https://darlenescorner.wordpress.com/2015/03/19/the-phone-call/.

Thanks to Author S B Mazing for the prompt for the first part of the story. Hope you enjoy the ending!


The phone rang until his voice said, “Careen?”

Careen took a deep breath. Her heart was banging against her rib cage. She breathed a prayer, Father God, help me not to cry. “Dan? Can we talk for a minute?”

The phone was quiet for a moment. Careen wondered if he was still connected.

“Are you okay?” His voice had an edge of concern.

“Yes. Dan, I . . . we said goodbye but I don’t feel we really said anything.”

“You’re right,” he agreed. “I’m glad you called. I shouldn’t have left things in the air.”

Careen felt her breath catch in her throat. Did she really want to hear what he was going to say?

Dan continued. “I wanted to say more, but I guess I was afraid you weren’t ready to hear it.”

“That’s why I had to call,” Careen said. “I realized I felt more than friendship. I decided I couldn’t just leave not knowing.”

She could hear Dan sigh. “Your sister was a wonderful wife and I will never stop loving her. But after I dropped you off at the airport, I realized how important you were to me. I didn’t want you to go, but I didn’t feel I could put something on you that you didn’t want.”

Careen laughed a little. “And I thought I was imagining things!” She paused. It had only been ten months. Were they rushing things? “Is it too soon, Dan?”

“I don’t think so. I was fond of you even before Marietta became ill, but this is different.”

She felt herself smile. How glad she was that she called. Her heart broke free of the weight that had settled on it ever since she got out of the car. “I’m glad I called.”

“Go on home,” Dan suggested. “You have things to settle there. I will fly out as soon as I can and we will see what direction we should take. Perhaps you can get a permanent transfer here.”

The loudspeaker announced boarding time. “Dan, I have to go. They are loading the plane.”

“I will call you tomorrow.”

She hated to stop the conversation. She hated putting her phone in her pocket. She hated getting on the plane and flying away. But she knew now that conversation was really just starting.