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Talking Trees

I am constantly amazed at God’s creation! While he didn’t create nature in His image as He did humans, nature is still amazing and wonderful. Visit Talking Trees to read about amazing forests!




They stand straight and tall,

arms outstretched and reaching

into the heavens, to God,

their silent voices praising their Creator.

They never more except when the wind

blows and they respond to the rhythm

of the wind. No matter how life has bent

them, they stretch toward heaven,

their praises shouting in silent voices,

heard only by those who listen.

They fulfill their mission, assigned

by their Creator: refuge for the birds,

shade from the heat, life of oxygen

from their leaves. In winter and spring,

they show that life comes from death, and

even when their lives have been cut short

and they exist only as a stump,

new life forces its way from the soil

into life. Death proceeds life, for a seed has to fall into the ground

and die before it will truly live.

Season after season, through death to life,

they serve their creator, drawing life from

the water in the ground and returning their silent praise.


Gracing the landscape
Gracing the landscape

Bare trees don’t usually make us think of beauty. I never thought of them in that way. I was used to years of evergreens in the Pacific Northwest; it was beautiful there because it was always green.

However, lately I have seen beauty in those leafless trees, as bare branches reach into a bright blue sky, turning gold in the sun’s rays. Even more recently, I was taken by them swaying in the wind. As each tree’s branches blew back and forth, I was fascinated to see that they formed many intricate patterns where each branch crossed.

This reminds me of people. We are created in the image of God, but at times we are more like leafless trees than ones fully dressed. But as the Spirit of God blows, He can make us glow in God’s sunshine like we are gold. And as we sway under His influence, others may be able to see gracious patterns we create as we interact with others.

IMG_20150130_144817I am also reminded that in my winter of life, I may not look beautiful to others, but because I am alive, there can still be beauty. I especially think of the 101-year-old lady in the assisted living complex. She is in a wheelchair and never says much, but her smile is radiant. She is beautiful.

I have grown to like seeing barren trees in my yard and along the road. I love their haunting beauty.

Beautiful Leafless Tree

The sky was bright blue and clear with only a couple wispy white clouds decorating it. Reaching into it was a leafless tree, ravaged by winter cold. Lifeless trees remind me of the end of things, like winter reminds me of old age–which age I am. Lifeless trees are not pretty; we await spring when they once again brighten the day with brilliant green and glorious shade. Ah, the beauty of spring.

But as I gazed out the window that bright morning, I stared at the tree reaching for sunlight. The sun seemed to bath its lifeless branches in a coating of gold. Its branches, framed by the azure sky, looked beautiful. What an amazing sight. It was as if it was saying, the sun brings beauty to what doesn’t have beauty.

What of me? My “leaves” have fallen off and age has robbed me of youthful beauty. I have gray hair and wrinkles and some other problems brought on by age. However, I am assured that as the Son shines on me, I have beauty only He may see, but as I abide in Him, that beauty will reflect on those around me.

Bathed in the sun's rays