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I am back

I haven’t been on my blog for awhile. Too many things interferred! But I am going to try again and do some posting. I have missed it. To start the process, here is a Thanksgiving poem, late for Thanksgiving Day, but never too late for life!

Like a flower blooming
in arid place,
thanks will turn the desert
into a land of grace. 


I recently had to contact support because of a problem with putting links my blog. I just couldn’t do it so the link would be right and connect correctly. Sometimes technology just seems beyond me and there is a big block in my mind. When I was a young, we didn’t have all the access to all the goodies available today, so it is a constant learning situation to walk through today’s ways of doing things. Then as frustration grows, it is hard to contain myself and make sense so the problem can be solved!

I am thankful on two counts. One, for the patience of support. I’m sure they got frustrated with me, but I’m glad they didn’t ignore me. I will probably face other issues and I like having them on my side!

But I am also grateful to God because when He lets these negative things come into my life, I begin to see things about myself that I don’t really like and I can begin to let Him help me change.

So back to my blog with more understanding. And with a new spirit of gratitude.