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Another prompt from Author S B Mazing for Blog Event #21. Thank you Author S B Mazing!

She checked again. It has to be in there! It was the third time she went through her purse.
“I really need to see your passport!”
She could hear how impatient he was getting. It has to be in here. It was when she left. And now it seemed to have disappeared.
Please continue…

She took a deep breath. Where to look next? And what could she do if she lost it. “I . . . I don’t know where it is,” she stammered. “It has disappeared.”

“Step over here, please,” the agent said in an angry voice.

She did as he said. Frustrated with herself and frightened, she plunged her free hand into the deep pocket of her jacket. Her fingers jammed against something hard. She frowned and pulled it out. My passport. She breathed a sigh of relief. I put it in my pocket in the rush and forgot it was there! How often have I told herself to be more careful. Memories of finding her driver’s license in her pocket flashed before her.

“Sir,” she called in a timid voice. “I found it.”

The agent turned and looked at her, then glowered. “You found it?”

“I was in a rush and stuck it in my pocket. I never keep it there, but things got away from me.” She held it out.

The agent took it from her hand. He examined it and then stamped it. His voice was harsh. “You are free to go, but I would suggest you use more care next time.”

She nodded. “Thank you.” She carefully opened her purse and put it in,  zippering the compartment carefully. As she left the line, she smiled and nodded. The agent rolled his eyes ane shook his head as he turned to the next person in line.

“My mother will never believe this,” she muttered as she went on her way. “Second thought, she probably would. It’s like that old saying, ‘The apple never falls far from the tree.’ ”


Blog Event Finish It #16 for Author S B Mazing. The prompt:

She knew she’d hit something. But what? She saw the shape suddenly jumping or running right in front of her car. Oh no! Her heart was racing while she got out of the car. Maybe it was just her imagination. Maybe it was the fog and the darkness setting in. Maybe she did not hit anything. Maybe it was just the fog. But she felt it too. She slowly made her way to the front of the car. And then her heart froze. There it was.

Please continue…

The headlights revealed the animal on the ground. Yes, she had seen something run in front of her. Yes, she had hit something. It lay so still.

Kate looked closer, trying to see in the fog what had run in front of her car. Was it a cat? It was about the size of one. Oh no! she thought. It can’t be. Tears formed in her eyes. She hated the thought that she may have killed someone’s pet. She looked around at the houses. Perhaps she could find out who it belonged to.

She started to stand, and then squealed. The animal was moving, as if being pulled away, rather than moving on its own. She watched for a moment as it was being pulled toward the curb. Then she heard laughter.

She looked up at two boys on the curb, pulling the animal away from her car. She started toward them, but they dropped the rope they were pulling and ran into the closest house. The “animal” was by her feet. She bent down and looked closely at it. It almost looked real, but it was only a plastic stuffed animal. Angry, she reached down and picked it up. Some child’s toy.

The door of the house where the boys had run opened and a woman came out. She came over to Kate. “Are you alright? I thought I heard a scream.”

Kate held up the animal. “Yes, I did scream. This ‘ran’ in front of my car and I hit it.Does this belong to your son?”  she asked, trying to sound civil.

The woman took the toy. “Why, that looks like my daughter’s. She has been looking for it. And yes, I do have a son.” She frowned. “Why don’t you turn off the lights on your car and come in with me. I want you to meet someone.”

Kate pulled her car a little closer to the curb and turned off the lights. She followed the woman into the house.

The woman called a girl’s name. A young girl came and squealed with she saw the toy in Kate’s hand. She reached for it, but the woman stopped her.

“Wait a minute, honey. Your brother has to come here first.”

A boy appeared from the other room. He grimaced when he saw the toy in Kate’s hand. His mother put her hands on her hips. “Carl, is this your doing?”

Carl hung his head. “We were just having some fun. Dan and I put a string on it and threw it in front of her car, that’s all.” He looked down at the ground.

“You apologize to this lady. You could have caused her to have an accident. We will find an appropriate punishment for you. If Dan is here, tell him he has to go home. You two will not be playing together for awhile.”

Head still down, Carl spoke. “I’m sorry, Ma’am.”

Memories of her own brother’s pranks filled Kate’s mind. “Apology accepted,” she said.

Carl left the room and the woman turned back to Kate. “I am so sorry. Would you like a cup of coffee?”

Kate handed the animal to the little girl and smiled at her. “Yes, I would like that.”

As they drank coffee, Kate remembered and shared the memories of her own brother’s pranks. “I guess God put mischief in children!”

“Thank you,” the woman said, sighing. “He isn’t a bad boy, just mischievous! But I want him to realize that some of his pranks could do damage.”

As Kate drove home, she was relieved that it hadn’t been an animal that had leapt in front of her car. She was glad he hadn’t gotten away with his prank. She smiled. “Perhaps Carl will turn out as great as my mischievous brother.” She pulled into the garage and went into the house, glad the day was over.



This is a weekly challenge on Wednesdays from Author S B Mazing. She gives a prompt and you finish the story! Join us!


Thanks to Author S B Mazing for the prompt for Finish It #10. Here is her beginning of the story:
He looked in her eyes. He could see the sparkle in them, something that always had fascinated him. She had the most beautiful eyes, eyes that seemed like windows to her soul. No matter what he felt, when he looked in her eyes, he immediately relaxed. She smiled at him and he had to smile as well. What a wonderful person she was. Smart, strong, loving and so so pretty. They hugged and again he felt her love, the warmth. A feeling he got whenever they hugged. It was strange but she made him feel safe. How could she make him feel safe? He was supposed to make her feel safe.
Please continue…

He gazed into the campfire. Soon, the church group campfire would break up and everyone would go home. He didn’t want her to leave. He wanted to stay like this forever, in the night air by the warmth of the campfire, looking into her eyes and seeing her smile.

“It is so nice here,’ she said. “It is a wonderful night for a campfire.” She giggled. “And toasted marshmellows.”

He didn’t want to get up, away from the safety of presence, but what she wished was his command. “As you wish, m‘lady,” he said, rising to get a marshmallow.

“Oh, you are wonderful,” she said as he stuck the marshmallow on her stick.

“What’s more, m’lady, I will toast it for you. All for a smile.”

She giggled again. “Oh, my Sir Lancelot. And here is your payment.” She flashed a smile.

He put the marshmallow in the fire and let it catch fire, then blew out. He didn’t like his blackened, but he knew she loved hers that way with the gooey inside. He handed the stick to her and sat back beside her.

She bowed her head slightly. “You are a most worthy knight,” she teased.

“At your service.”

“Delicious. Just the way I like it,” she said as she licked the remaining marshmallow off her fingers. Before he could say anything, she looked at him without her smile. “I feel so safe with you. I have never felt that way before.”

“You feel safe with me?” He tried to sound nonchalant. He never expected her to say what he had been thinking about her.

“Mm, hmm. You are always so kind and caring. We’ve known each since childhood and you have always been that way, not just to me; I’ve seen it with others. I trust you.”

The group leader spoke up. “Well, gang, time for one last group song and then closing prayer. Hope you’ve all had a great time.”

As the group sang the last song, he thought about what she said. Perhaps the feeling of safety was reciprocal when two people cared about each other. He joined in the singing, with more understanding of what it meant to love someone.