Something Good

Something good happened to me yesterday. I was a chaperone for a 6th, 7th, 8th grade band field trip to a major university. The band teacher wanted to give her students a look at a college marching band and tour the university. My grandson is in the 7th grade  band and he asked me to be a chaperone. I finally said yes, even though it was an all day trip which included WALKING and more WALKING for the tour of the different buildings of this large university. The day started with a two-hour bus trip to our destination. Among the day’s activities were watching the marching band practice, touring the university, a very nice lunch, shopping at the book store, watching the performance by the band, and the afternoon football game. Although I was VERY tired from all the walking, I enjoyed the day. And it was neat to spend some of the time with my grandson. He was tired too, but “I won’t fall asleep on the bus.” So much for last words! He made most of the trip home with his sleeping head on my shoulder.

Something good happened to me!

Thanks to amommasview for her challenge to post Something Good. Join the fun, either by post or going to the page and making a comment.



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