Egoscue–a funny name. Where did I ever come up with that?

I was driving one Saturday and turned on the radio. The voice was talking about pain relief for people who had chronic pain that doctors couldn’t solve. I was intrigued. People called  in and he instructed them about certain ways to stand, i.e. put their feet a certain way, do such and such with their arms, and then he would ask them if they were in pain. It amounted to changing their posture in the way they stood.  It was a momentary relief for them, but the beginning of being pain free. He explained his thesis: when we walk with everted feet, shoulders not even, and many other problem postures, our bodies will be in pain sooner or later. Since my feet have always been everted (making me walk like a duck all my life) and I was having trouble with my knees, I decided to order his book, “Pain Free” and tried the exercises in them. They did help.  I did contact the clinic. Since they were too far away, I sent them pictures of my posture according to their instructions. After viewing the pictures, they sent me a program of exercises which helped. I have since seen a clinician in person and my shoulders are even, along with my hips, and my feet are doing so much better! I  always thought it was normal for my purse to slip off my shoulder because I have narrow shoulders. However, when I am faithful with my “E-sizes” (Egoscue exercises), my purse strap will stay on my shoulder. When my shoulder began to hurt, I began to do the recommended exercises to help. And they have. I have discovered that if I am faithful with my exercises, my pain is less and less.

I am intrigued by Pete Egoscue’s thesis about posture is related to pain, but how it is related to disease, and how important movement is. It is an interesting study!

You can get a look at their website: I think you will find it as interesting and helpful as I have.


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