May 14 is drawing closer. Two years ago, I said goodbye to my precious mama.


As I say goodbye to you and all you were,

As I pack the last of your belongings,

Tears deep within my heart break forth.

Overwhelmed, I cry and yet I know

These things weren’t you.

Over the years, you changed, I changed,

Living conditions changed.

But you were still you,

And you lived in my heart.

So as time grows short to pack and say goodbye,

I look to the time when there will be no more goodbyes

And you and I will be the true us,

And we’ll never say goodbye again.


6 thoughts on “GOODBYE TO MAMA

  1. I lost my dad nearly thirty years ago and I often find the weeks leading up to the anniversary lonely times. But to mourn means we also reminisce and it’s nice to remember.
    Sorry for your loss.

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