Palm Sunday, the 20th, was the time when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. Imagine, a king riding on a donkey! The people thought he came to set up an earthly kingdom and they greeted him with the cry “Hosanna,” looking forward to their freedom from the Roman rulers. But Jesus’ kingdom at this time was one of the heart. He came to die. But it didn’t end at the grave. His Father raised him up to life on Easter and one day soon he will return to take his rightful place as ruler of all. Until that day, we worship him as Creator and God, waiting for his glorious day when he will rule as a physical king!

“Hosanna! Hosanna!
Our King comes.
Spread your cloaks!
Lift your branches!
Praise the King.

“Hosanna! Hosanna!
Our King comes
In the name of the Lord!
The Son of David!
Praise the King!

“Hosanna! Hosanna!
Our King comes
To deliver, to save!
Lift your voices!
Praise the King!”

They celebrate.
They thought they knew peace,
But it is hidden from their eyes.

They celebrate
They do not know
My kingdom is not of this world

They celebrate
But they do not know
I came to die.”


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