As I look forward to the celebration of Easter, I remember that without the cross, there would be no Resurrection. The cross is about forgiveness, for through it, I am forgiven and I celebrate new life.


Come walk with me in fields of white,
in heaven’s place of glorious light,
where dark clouds part and souls wash clean
in Jesus’ blood. Come–see the scene
when He was killed and took my place.
Look close and see His pain-pierced face.
Hear his words, “Forgive their deeds.”

Those words for them beneath the tree,
are meant for us, yes, for all men–
the word of grace men’s hearts to mend.
The stain of sin is washed away,
the darkness gone. Come walk in day.

Come walk with me on paths of light,
cleansed with His blood, our souls washed white.


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