Hello at last! It feels like forever since I have been on my blog. For those who have left comments that have not been responded to, please forgive me. I think adjustments to homeschooling and life with four active grandchildren (as well as healing from a bacterial infection which caused lots of coughing and restless nights) are working to give me more time for my personal pursuits, like blogging.

On weekday mornings, I take my homeschooled boy to band with his french horn to the middle school. It is a gift from the Lord to drive down the tree -lined country roads. When the trees on the main road give way to farm lands (the trees still line the horizon), it is still lovely. It is a refreshing time to drive to and from and to spend the fifty waiting minutes to read or go to the nearby Kroger market to pick up items I or the family might need. Twice a week, we have PE, swimming at the YMCA.

As I take stock of my life with my family, I see I am blessed in all things, even in the needed work on my little car. God is good; all things go through His sovereign hand out of His love for me. I can trust Him in all things.

May God give you a good day and strengthen you in the bad.



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