Reginald G P Cuddles

Our rooster
Our rooster

Mr. Reginald Gray Peeps Cuddles is quite a character with his feathery legs and his regal appearance. Until a few weeks ago, there were several hens and one more rooster. However, my family sold all of them except Mr. Cuddles and his friend, Henrietta. Chickens are social creatures and since all their friends have gone away, they have just each other and we always see them together.

Mr. Cuddles with Henrietta
Mr. Cuddles with Henrietta

How did Mr. Cuddles get his name? When he was a “Gray Peep,” he was the favorite of my 5-year-old grandson. Nathanael would catch him and hold him (which led to the name Mr. Cuddles); he loved his gray peep dearly. Mr. Cuddles doesn’t often get cuddled now, but Nathanael loves him dearly still. When the other chickens were finding new homes, we couldn’t bear to part with this family “pet.” Mr. Cuddles got to stay and since Henrietta didn’t find a new home, she got to stay, too.
Mr. Cuddles’ first name, Reginald? It just fit his regal (or is it pompous?) bearing.


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