I was feeling guilty today.  I have neglected my blog. I hope all my followers will forgive me!

I am preparing to move. I am not thrilled with deciding what to get rid of and packing and preparing to move. And I have moments of tears when I think of leaving this area and friends and my church. Sigh. I’m afraid my blog has been a victim of my busyness. However, the result of my move will be great. I am going to live with my daughter and her family–which includes four lively monkeys–excuse me–angels. They are 11, 9, 7, and 5. I go from living with my sister since my mom passed away a little over a year ago, in a quiet house, doing my own thing (the rest has been nice after 7 years of caretaking), so I expect I will have culture shock!  But I also expect I will settle down, and since I have my own room, I might be able to retreat occasionally!

Four monkeys--angels
Four monkeys–angels

I do plan to get back to my blog; I enjoy reading others’ blogs and writing my own thoughts. So I hope you won’t forget me! Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Keep writing!

For those who wondered where the poem “When I’m An Old Lady” came from, Judith Powell told me that it was written by Barbara Hall of Hurricane, Utah. It was published April 17, 2006. The poem is from her book, “Tales from a Cowgirl’s Camp”. Thanks, Judith.


6 thoughts on “FEELING GUILTY

  1. Good luck on this new phase of your life. Your time with your monkey-angels will be priceless; for you as well as them! Moving and consolidating your belongings can be a daunting, time-consuming task, especially if there is a deadline involved and there usually always is! You can feel a lot like Goldilocks, not wanting to keep too much, not wanting to toss it all. But settling for that happy medium.
    I wish you well!

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