A Godless Universe

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big-bang-theory-rainbow-gravityOne of the latest scientific theories, or more accurately, an idea some scientists have postulated, suggests the universe did not have an origin, that there was no Big Bang. This concept, known coincidentally as Rainbow Gravity, is an attempt to resolve incompatibilities between quantum mechanics and general relativity.

In short, this idea that’s been around for about a decade, and which isn’t widely accepted by physicists, is based on gravity’s affect on different wavelengths of light, which can be seen in the colors of the rainbow (and thus the name).

Now scientists at Cern in Switzerland believe they might find miniature black holes which would reveal the existence of a parallel universe.

And if the holes are found at a certain energy, it could prove the controversial theory of ‘rainbow gravity’ which suggests that the universe stretches back into time infinitely with no singular point where it started, and no…

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4 thoughts on “A Godless Universe

  1. Great article. Scientists and their pride refuse to acknowledge one ‘Greater!’ than they are. Some are stubborn in their arrogance (though I’ve met some very humble ones who acknowlege God’s greatness!).
    It reminds me of a tv show I once watched about Volcanos and how some young scientists discovered a correlation between certain seismic patterns indicating a Volcano was about to errupt! The big fancy pants scientists gave them no acknowlegment. Ignored their findings, and stuck their noses up at the newcomers.
    When the young newcomers heard that some scientists were going to go into a volcano, (with a fleet of camera crews who caught their event on film) the newcomers urgently warned them that the volcano was about to rumble while they were in it- The scientists ignored such puny advice, went in the volcanos, cameras filming, and were then hit on the heads and injured as the volcano rumbled and rocks fell upon them. I don’t recall if any died, but many were injured, one or two were severely injured. Point being, Scientists can get all wrapped up in their own heads, and not see the forest for the trees, or the eruption for the seismic, or the Wonder of God for the infinite mystery of the universe….

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