Thanks Author S B Mazing for another story prompt for Blog Event Finish It #13. I hope you enjoy the finish of the story! The prompt: she kept looking in her mirror. The car was still following her. She was sure it was the same car. She did another unnecessary turn, just to see what the driver in the dark Suburban would do. Maybe she was crazy. Maybe he was heading the same direction she was. But there was this weird feeling. This sick gut feeling and the last had taught her to listen to her instincts.

Please continue…

The last time Lisa had been followed was when she went to visit her daughter. She had passed a man and he began to follow her too closely. She had tried to leave quite a bit of room when she pulled back in the lane, but perhaps he thought she was too close. After a few miles of his tailgating, she started to call 911. Just then, a police car pulled in front of her. She blinked her lights several times and the police car pulled off the road. He pulled back on the road behind the car following her and pulled him over. Lisa had turned off at the next corner and taken several other streets so whoever it was couldn’t find her.

It had been a long time, but Lisa could remember how she had breathed a prayer of thanks for God’s protection. It helped overcome the fear that had nagged her while the car was following her.

Now as Lisa glanced in the mirror at the suburban behind her, she had a sense of peace that helped her not to panic. She knew she was too close to home and she couldn’t  go there with this guy behind her.

“Father God, I’m going to go to the police station,” she said to herself. “I sure don’t want to take this guy to my house. I ask that you would send him away!” She turned onto the next street away from home and toward the police station. The suburban followed her. Another couple turns and she pulled up into the parking lot of the police station. She left her engine  while she watched the suburban slow, than speed away.

A woman had come out of the building and came over to her car.  Lisa rolled down her window. “You okay?” the woman asked. “I was leaving and saw you pull up and that guy take off.”

Lisa let out her breath, and nodded. “Yes, thank you. He has been following me for several miles.”

The woman nodded. “It was a good thing to come here. Do you have a license number?”

“No. I only saw the front of the car.”

The woman smiled. She reached in the window and put her hand in hand on Lisa shoulder. “I’m Officer Kate. Tell you what, I’ll follow you home.”

Lisa nodded. “Thanks. I’m a little shaken.” Kate went to her car and followed Lisa out of the parking lot. Lisa appreciated Officer Kate’s friendliness and help. She kept her eyes open on the way home. No sign of the follower.

At her house, Lisa waved as she pulled in the driveway. Officer Kate waved back and Lisa pressed the garage door opener button. She pulled into the garage, turned off the engine and pressed the button to close the garage door. As she stepped out, she breathed a prayer, “Father God, thank you.” She smiled and pushed open the door into the house.

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