Day Fifteen: Your Voice Will Find You. Today’s Prompt: Think about an event you’ve attended and loved. Imagine you’re told it will be cancelled forever or taken over by an evil corporate force. How does that make you feel? Today’s twist: While writing this post, focus again on your own voice.

The County Fair. What a neat place to spend the day with my daughters. We would get there early before the rides began, have hot chocolate and then wander through the exhibits to see what people had made or were selling. My girls were small then so they enjoyed everything, even the commercial exhibits where they could spend a little money on one of the million things being offered for sale! We would visit the animals: the rabbits, the chickens, the guinea pigs, the cows, the sheep, the pigs, the llamas, dogs, cats, horses. One year we even saw a camel! If we timed it right, we got to see the 4-Hers do their routines with their animals. There was a grandstand, but we were more interested in the small entertainment stages throughout the fairgrounds. We would take a break and get a delicious milkshake from the Dairy Booth. And when the rides were open, my girls rode a few of the kiddie rides since they were too young for the big ones. It was a wonderful day, out in the country, looking at interesting things.

As my girls grew, the visit to the fair took on different aspects. They both got involved with 4-H and were busy with the dog, cat, and rabbit projects. The days of coming for hot chocolate and wandering through the exhibits with my little girls was over, but I still enjoyed all the sights and sounds of the county fair.

And then, it changed. The county commissioners built a large building for all the exhibits, commercial or otherwise, out of the heat and weather in a nice air-conditioned building. They were planning ways to separate the animals and 4-H events from the rest of the fair; it was becoming sanitized; a place that lost its country feeling where you could buy cotton candy or elephant ears, and wander through the exhibits or into the places where the animals were. Or see, tucked in the back of the fair, farm machinery from the past or a man making animals out of a small sheet of metal. We could walk through one exhibit hall back to the outside where you could buy a piece of jewelry or a scarf, and with your gems in a bag provided by a political booth, go through another exhibit hall and out to a small entertainment plaza, surrounded by grass sitting to watch someone, or group, sing, dance or be a comedian.

The country fair was giving way to the city. I along with others felt betrayed by those who ran the county fair and decided it should come up in the world.


5 thoughts on “COMING UP IN THE WORLD

  1. This post took me back to the days when I went to the fair. It didn’t become a tradition with my children, but reading this I wish it had been a part of their childhood. Thank you for taking me back in time. I love your writing style!

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