Thanks to Author S B Mazing for her Blogging event: Finish It. Here is her opening:

Her hands were shaking. Her heart was racing. Enough! She had enough! He would no longer hurt her! She could feel the cold metal in her hand slowly adjust to her body’s temperature. She had her back in the corner of their bathroom, the door locked and outside of it footsteps approaching.

Please continue…

He began to beat on the door. She thought the banging on the door would cause it to collapse and he would come raging in to beat her as he had in the past. This time he might kill her. Why did he have to drink? He was kind and reasonable when he hadn’t been drinking. But when he drank . . .

His drunken voice filled the air around her. “You . . . better come . . . out!”

She lifted the gun and pointed it at the door. She was trembling with fear. What if she misses? Or it doesn’t stop him? What if she kills him? She gritted her teeth. She couldn’t going to put up with him anymore.

The door gave way. Her husband moved toward her, drawing his arm back. She pulled the trigger. . . .

Autumn sat up, startled out of sleep by the nightmare. Her heart was beating hard and her breathing was fast.

“Autumn? You ok?” her husband asked in a sleepy voice.

“A nightmare. I think it was brought on by the news report last night of the woman who killed her husband because he kept beating her up,” Autumn replied.

Dan sat up. “Sorry, sweetheart.” He started rubbing her back. “Want some tea?”

“No,” she said, “just keep rubbing, please. It’s relaxing me. Maybe it will help me go back to sleep. Dan, there are advocates who help women in the same situation as this woman. Tomorrow I’m going to look into it. I found a site that deals with this kind of advocacy on the internet yesterday while I was looking for something else. I will call them.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Dan replied.

Finally, she leaned over and kissed him. “Thanks for the back rub. I think I can sleep now.” She lay down and began to pray quietly for whomever she was dreaming about and for guidance to do what she could. She couldn’t do everything, but she could do something.

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6 thoughts on “NIGHTMARE

  1. Reblogged this on Author S B Mazing and commented:
    Powerful story with a powerful message. Thank you so much for participating. If you like this story and if you feel you want to write a short story too, check out my Blog Event ‘Finish It!’. Simply choose one intro. Each week I post a new one but you can continue any of them at any time…

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Actually, it was not a real person who was in trouble, but the nightmare that drove her to want to help women who might be in trouble.


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