Assignment for Writing 101, Day 3: Commit to a writing practice..

The three most important songs in my life. Mostly Christian songs. I guess the first one is How Great Thou Art. George Beverly Shaw, in his wonderful deep voice, made it popular at the Billy Graham Crusades. It is a reminder of God’s greatness as I look out at the sky, the clouds, as I look at the mountains—or used to when I lived in Washington State, when I see a beautiful flower, or the trees leafing out in spring. They reveal a Creator, a mighty One who loves beauty. The second stanza reminds me of what Jesus did on the cross; what His Father did—He gave His Son. That would be a hard thing to do—to ask your child to die. The third verse reminds me that the One who died and rose on Easter is coming back. And I will go to be where He is when He comes to take me home. What a glorious thought.

The second one I have come to love is Immortal, Invisible. Again, it is thinking of a God who rules the universe, whom we cannot understand, who is beyond our thoughts and ways. If I could understand Him, He wouldn’t be God. But I can trust Him. The song reminds me that He gives life to all people, to every living thing. It is a song of praise and He is worthy of praise. The last verse talks about His being hidden by light from our sight. He is “unresting, unhasting, and silent as light, nor wanting nor wasting, He rules in might.” Actually, that’s from the first verse, but I wanted to add it because it sends a powerful message about who our God is.

And another song is The Old Rugged Cross. That’s a very old one, but still makes me grateful for what God has done. “On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross, the emblem of suffering and shame.” I think of the Son of God, giving His life in a shameful death for each of the world’s people.

Sometimes we have the wrong picture of God. He seems to be out there to beat us when we do wrong, but He is there in love. He is so patient. I see it in my life when I have done something that hurts other people. He is not happy about that; but His speaking to my heart is conviction. He wants me to ask forgiveness of those I’ve wronged, and He is fast to forgive me when I come to Him in confession.


4 thoughts on “THREE SONGS

  1. God. He’s the only One who knows all about us and still wants us. Love HIM!

    Though I love all styles, I found His foundation in music came through in my song choices too.

    Take care,


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