Light from the candle
Light shining through the rocks in the candle

God has given me so many things! Saying thanks to Him for His gifts of the gentle wind, the beautiful blue sky, my warm house, a hot shower, food, etc., doesn’t take my eyes off Him, it focuses me on what is truly important—He is the source of everything; I can trust His goodness in the choices He makes in my life. I find I rejoice as I walk in Him; as I do, He fills me with joy and peace. As I give Him for all the gifts, great and small that He gives, I begin to release my life to His hands and live without fear of what the future holds. I can trust someone who delights to give me gifts. And when He chooses to withhold His gifts, I can still be thankful because He is changing me so I am less about me and more about Him. As that happens, I walk in more peace and joy, for that is who He is. I can be content with whatever lot He gives me because He is with me and has great things in store for me in the next life as I spend eternity with Jesus



3 thoughts on “SAYING THANKS

  1. I like that candle a lot, I think I’ll make one. I recently had lunch with my sister, who has been battling cancer hard. We agreed that we can make it through any valley as long as God is walking with us. He is the peace that passes understanding; the Light shining through the rocks.

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