Thanks to Author S B Mazing for this prompt the Blog Event, Finish It, #8.

She was standing there, trembling. Her feet right on the edge, wondering how deep the drop might be. Her heart was racing. She was determined. She started controlling her breath, it was something they taught her. One of the few good things she got out of it.
Please continue…

She looked down from the sky-school campus to the patches of bright colors on the earth below. It was beautiful from here. These few weeks in the sky-school, up in the clouds, hadn’t been her favorite. Not all high schools were in the clouds, but each student had to take one year here. The technology to fly had been around for since the beginning of 2020, several years before she had been born. It worked very well, getting people from one place to another. Then the placement of schools in the sky took place. She didn’t understand what kept them there, high above earth; maybe some day she would. Air packs, attached to the chest provided the air while in the clouds and on the journey to earth. The wings made it possible to come back to the school from earth.

No one had been hurt flying to earth—if they did it correctly. The school masters had been thorough in their training. They didn’t want anyone’s squished body on their hands. But then not everyone did it quite right and there had been some accidents. What if she was one of those who didn’t do it correctly? She shook herself. She would do this and not be frightened away!

She knew the school masters were waiting for her first flight to earth. She concentrated on her breathing, the most important thing. Controlled breathing helped you remain calm. If she panicked . . . She put the thought out of her mind, checked her air pack and adjusted her wings. Taking a deep breath, she stepped off the edge of the school campus.

Contrary to what she feared, she found floating through the air delightful. The earth rose to meet her and it seemed too soon to end her flight when her wings slowed her and her feet touched the ground. She sighed and smiled as her waiting parents ran toward her. She was not squished. She was in one piece!

Her parents hugged her. “How was it?” they asked in unison.

She smiled. “It was great. I can hardly wait to do it again!”

Now that you’ve read my story, how about you? What would make of this? What would you come up with? Write and link it back to Author S B Mazing for the Blog Event, Finish It #8. I’ll look forward to what you have written!


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