I was looking through some pictures when I came upon ones of the trip my mother-in-law took my daughters and me on a long trip to see her relatives several years ago. It was fun and uneventful except for the wild animal park.

On the way, we stopped at the wild animal park. My mother-in-law was afraid to go into it; she didn’t want any wild animals climbing on the car or poking their heads in the window. But she couldn’t resist the pleas of her five and eight year old granddaughters. We warned them to keep all body parts in the car and windows closed. We drove through the gates and looked forward to seeing some animals.

It didn’t take long. We could see some animals in the distance and some giraffes close by. Suddenly one giraffe loped up to the car. We were enjoying watching it when I heard my five year old calling to it. I looked around and saw her hanging out the window, reaching for it. I screamed at her and tried to grab her, but before I could, the giraffe grabbed her by her arm and pulled her out of the car, than lay down on the ground. I finally gathered my senses and jumped out of the car, thinking maybe I could help her, only to find she had climbed on its back. Wow, I thought, I have never seen an adult giraffe lay down.

“Mom!” I shouted to my mother-in-law, “go get a ranger!”

I no sooner got the words out of my mouth, when a ranger drove up. “Get back in the car!” he said softly. “Let me handle this. What’s your daughter’s name?”

“Heather,” I responded.

I sat back in the car and listened as the ranger talked to my daughter in a soft voice from the window of his car. “Heather, get off the giraffe’s back and climb back in your car.”

Heather put her arms around the giraffe’s neck. “But he is so nice,” she replied. “I love giraffes.”

“Heather,” the ranger continued, “you might hurt his back. He isn’t used to heavy loads.”

My five year old sighed. “Okay,” she agreed. She climbed off its back and turned to the car. The giraffe turned its head and gently touched her arm with his mouth. I swear, it looked just like it was kissing her. She in turn, put a kiss on its cheek and climbed back into the car.

“Heather, if you won’t stay in the car, you will have to leave the park,” the ranger warned. Then he looked at me. “Madam, this is very serious. Can you keep her in the car?”

I turned and looked at Heather. “Young lady, can you obey what the ranger said? If not, we will have to leave the park.”

Heather nodded. “Yes, mommy,” she promised.

“I will never do this again,” my mother-in-law muttered, gritting her teeth.

I watched the giraffe as we drove off. It, in turn, was watching us. It almost looked sad.

The ranger followed us all the way to the end of the drive. I began to think he might follow us home. Heather was very good the rest of the way, but I could hear the two girls in the backseat discussing how it was to be held and kissed by a giraffe.

Now that you have this picture in mind, I want to tell you the only part that was true was that my mother-in-law did take us on a trip and we did go to a wild animal park, though we did not go in because she was afraid of what the animals might do. This was inspired by the April Fool prompt by the Daily Post. Join the prompt and see if you can come up with an April Fools story!

5 thoughts on “WILD ANIMAL PARK

  1. You got me. I really enjoyed the story and was recalling my own adventures at a wild animal park. Mine had to do with forgetting the sun roof on the car was open and an ostrich stuck his head through the sun roof. Freaked us out totally! Great story and the first reminder that tomorrow is April Fool’s Day.

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