Thanks to Author S B Mazing for this prompt to Finish It! #6. She gives a few lines and asks us to complete the story. Here is her prompt and my story.

She was about to board the plane, close to tears and confused. He had brought her to the airport and the goodbye was not easy. They were only friends, but it felt like so much more. She knew what she felt for him but she also knew it would not be possible. He had only just lost his wife 10 months ago and was still grieving. Although there was some kind of chemistry between them, it could just not be. Probably she made it all up. But what if there was more? What if there was love? Would it be possible? She would never find out if she would set foot on the plane which was due to take her back to the other side of this planet.
Please continue…

Careen stared at her ticket. Was she wrong to just leave? Her brother-in-law had been so grateful for her friendship, not only during this time since her sister’s death, but while her sister had been ill. She had transferred here temporarily to be near her sister during her illness. Now the job here was finished and she was returning home. There had never been anything wrong between Careen and brother-in-law, but now that she was leaving, she realized she was feeling more than friendship for him. A closeness had grown through their serving Marietta together. How could she just leave and not find out if there was more? Yes, he was grieving, but if she made her feelings known, perhaps she would find out he felt the same deep down.

She looked out the window at the plane. No, she thought resolutely, I have to talk to him again. He would be driving but he could still talk. She stuffed the ticket back into her purse and went to a fairly quiet corner of the boarding area to call his cell phone.

She took her phone from her purse. For a moment, she hesitated. Am I doing the right thing? She pursed her lips. No, I have to talk to him. I can’t leave like this! She found his phone number and pressed the button to call. There was a brief silence before she heard the phone connect and begin to ring. The ringing stopped as his voice said, “Careen?”

She took a deep breath. Her heart was banging against her rib cage. She breathed a prayer. Father God, help me not to cry. “Dan? Can we talk for a minute?”

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