Love in ten sentences

Thank you Passion through Poetry for the invitation to the Poetry Challenge, Love in ten sentences. The poem has ten lines of four words, each containing the word Love. I am to nominate ten people to take the challenge. Here is the poem.

Love in Ten Sentences

God loves all people
He gives us love
He sent His love
so we could love
“Love your neighbor
as you love yourself”
not with weak love
but love in truth
Love casts out fear
For Jesus is Love

The ten people I will nominate are:
Making it write
Memee’s Musings
Meredith’s Musings
Christian Poetry-by deborah ann
Send Sunshine
Me – Who am I
The Ninth Life
Estelea’s blog


6 thoughts on “Love in ten sentences

    1. I am having trouble with my computer. Last night it died three times while I was posting. One of those times was in the middle of putting the poem in. Went back and checked what I finally posted after I read your comment and all ten lines are there. Thanks for noticing though & letting me know. It is appreciated.

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