I’m a little bit late, but as they say (sorry about the cliche) better late than never. Here is my story for the Blog Event Finish It 5 from Author S B Mazing. Hope you enjoy it.

He tried to be as still as possible, peaking through the leaves, wondering if they were still out there.

Please continue…

age 5
age 5

He wished he was invisible. Whenever he saw those girls, they looked at him and giggled. Why did he have to keep running into girls? Why did there have to be girls anyway?

He remembered the conversation with his mom when he said girls were yukky. “Well, my boy, that’s what you think at five. But when you are older, you will think differently.”

NO WAY! Girls were yukky and he would NEVER like them.

He peeked out from his hiding place. The girls were gone. He stepped out of his hiding place and hurried to the porch of his house.

“Hello, Nate,” said a voice.

Nate froze. A girl! What’s worse, it was that girl a couple doors down. Mom said he should be polite, even to girls. He turned around.

“Hey, Nate, want a cookie?” asked the girl. “Mom made chocolate chip cookies. She said I could bring you one.”

Nate caught his breath. Chocolate chip cookies. His favorite. He nodded and she came closer, handing him a cookie.

His mother’s voice resounded in his head, “Be polite. Say thank you.”

“Thank you,” he mumbled.

The girl smiled. “You’re welcome.” She turned and headed away.

Nate watched her go as he nibbled on the cookie. “Guess she’s not too bad,” he mumbled. He turned and headed up the porch, “But I’ll still NEVER like girls.”


8 thoughts on “GIRLS ARE YUKKY

    1. I think you are right. My mom tells me that when I was in first grade, a school mate–a boy, used to push me into the snow and twist my arm. When they asked him why he was so mean, he said it was because he liked me. Guess he didn’t think girls were yukky. I think I wish he did!

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