Happy International Women’s Day

As I read this, I thought about women in my life that I admired. Of all of them, I must put my own mother and her mother at the forefront. They were women of faith who gave themselves, not as servants just to be used, but in the true spirit of love. They both taught me about strength and working with another human being. Neither my mother nor my grandmother did things the world may have considered important, but they taught others what it meant to love. I especially remember my mother’s strength in her relationship with my father. I hope that when I am no longer in this life, I will be remembered by those whose lives I touched that I was strong and loving, teaching others how to be the same.

A Momma's View

Apparently today is International Women’s Day. I was not aware of this until I read a couple of comments on my blog and some Facebook posts. Although I am not a crazy feminist, I see the point of a day on which we think about what a woman is, what a woman should be. The rights a woman should have and all those doors that should be open for women all over the world.

Today there are too many women still living in the shadows of men. Too many are being mistreated or not taken seriously. There are too many women, who don’t have any rights. Too many women, who get abused. There are too many women who fear to stand up for who they are or what they believe in.

In the spirit of the International Women’s Day, please do me a favor and check out this amazing article

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