My honey and me 1972
My honey and me 1972

Author S B Mazing asked if we wanted to share our stories. Here is mine.

My husband was such a romantic. He came to our church and decided that if he was to find a girl, he would join the choir! So that is what he did. After a couple choir practices, he invited me to go out for coffee after the practice. I agreed. We did that a couple times, then I guess he decided to go a little farther on that path! He invited me on a date. When he arrived at the house to pick me up, he had a single rose bud in his hand. It was probably more effective than a whole bunch of roses! He even opened the car door for me! We went to dinner and then to a performance of flamenco players. It was such a neat evening–one to be remembered!

That was in March of 1965. A whirlwind courtship followed and we were married in December of that year! We were married for forty-one years and it was so neat to have a romantic husband! Not that other things didn’t matter, but that was an extra.



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