WRITING 201: Poetry Challenge for 2/24/15

Prompt: fingers; form: prose poetry; device: assonance

With His fingers, God created all the universe and me. Just as sure, His fingers stir my heart in healing for my soul. I know that as I walk my path, nothing will defeat me, for He has pinned me to His heart. As I learn from His gentle ways, I am spurred to serve with my fingers those in my life, that they may win when life bangs their shins or breaks their bones. He desires that His fingers may bring healing into their living as they are assured of His love.

4 thoughts on “FINGERS

  1. Yes Busy Lady I have just spent an hour looking over your many talented offerings. It must be great to feel so productive. Do you ever miss Battle Ground? I do. I miss the fun times with the Red Pen Pals. I just put two novels on Amazon. 2nd printing of From Calico to Crinoline + the sequel The Courageous years. Now I must figure out how to introduce my name into the myriad of others.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. I’m glad you have enjoyed my writing. I do miss my life in Washington sometimes. It was such fun to be in the Red Pen Pals and so helpful for writing!
      As to your writing, send out an email to everyone on your list. That’s what I did. It may bring some returns!


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