Finish It 2

This is the second story beginning for “Finish It” by Author S B Mazing.

How was it possible that she ended up here? She was so careful, followed the rules and took no risks whatsoever.

How many times had she had asked herself that as she looked at the final divorce papers. She had done everything she knew to have a good marriage and now her fifteen year marriage was ending. Paul had found someone he thought “better suited him.”

Her mom hugged her close when Hannah showed her the divorce papers. “Oh, my sweet child,” she had said, “I am so sorry. Sometimes the other person turns our care, our rules, and lack of risks on their heads. There are always risks in human relationships. We humans are so self-centered, even when we are at our best. It doesn’t excuse the bad that we do, but knowing that helps us deal with others’ failures. And our own.”

And as the months passed in waiting for the divorce to be final, she struggled between wanting Paul to return and never wanting to see him again. But unless God changed his heart, he wasn’t coming back. And it wasn’t fair to her daughters to keep him out of their lives or to try to make them hate him.

Her mother was her constant encouragement not to let bitterness control her life. “He is still their father and they want him to be part of their lives,” she counseled. “Besides, bitterness only eats you up.” She hugged Hannah often and then added her favorite quote, “ ‘Forgiveness releases the prisoner, which is you.’ My darling, look what God has done for you.”

Hannah didn’t want to hear that at first. How could she do that? Paul had ruined her life and the lives of their daughters! But as she struggled in prayer each night, praying for grace to not let her own heartache make her daughters’ lives harder, she began to find light wedging into her darkness. As the days put distance between the divorce papers and the present day, she watched her husband interact with her daughters. Her urge to yell at him softened.

One day, her twelve year old came to her. “Mom,” she asked, “can I ask you a question? It’s about you and Daddy.”

Hannah felt her throat tighten, but she nodded. “Of course.”

“My friend, Silvy–her parents are divorced. But her mom makes life miserable when her dad comes to visit and tries to keep him from seeing her. It is so hard for her. Mom, you don’t act that way.”

Hannah hugged her daughter. “Oh, my girl. Your Grandma said something to me when I learned that Daddy and I were getting a divorce. She told me her favorite quote: ‘Forgiveness releases the prisoner, which is you.’ Then she added, ‘My darling, look what God has done for you.’ I know you love Daddy and he loves you, even though he decided not to live here anymore. I wish it could be different, but it isn’t. So, I have learned to walk in that. I don’t want to be Daddy’s enemy.”

Her daughter smiled. “Thanks, Mom. I love you.” She paused and added slowly, her smile fading, “I love Daddy, too.”

Hannah smiled. “I’m glad.”

Her daughter kissed her cheek and skipped out of the room. Hannah reflected on what she had said. Life had not been easy the last few years, but light had penetrated the darkness. She whispered a quick prayer before she went back to her chores: “Thank you, Father, for your forgiveness and for your grace to me to walk in that same forgiveness. I may still hurt, but I am no longer a prisoner.”

9 thoughts on “Finish It 2

  1. The poor children are caught in the split. You’ve included this in the story and that’s interesting. The point of view and perspectives are taken care of. I’m thinking to join this writing challenge but I don’t know if I’ll get any readers.

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  2. That was a truly beautiful story. Very inspiring. My only wish is that it could be like that for more children that it is. There are a few who are lucky enough to have such unselfish parents, but only a few.

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