Poetry challenge: journey, limerick, alliteration

Blogging 201: Poetry. Prompt: Journey; form: limerick; device: alliteration

I sauntered outside to the mailbox

without slippers or shoes, just my night socks

but to my dismay,

snow silvered my way

soaked socks on warm feet, such a shock!


10 thoughts on “Poetry challenge: journey, limerick, alliteration

  1. Do you expecting something? Why were you in hurry in a snowing night.
    Why such a rush to the mailbox?
    And the poem ended with a shock, as… nothing in the mailbox!
    I’m kidding, It is a nice poem. Careful, words reveil inner situations. This is the magic of the poetry. The material that all Fine Arts are made of. The poetry. Masters say that without poetry (the inner bit of words, rhyme) there is no colors in painting, no lines in sculpture, no notes in music…
    night good

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    1. Thanks for your comments. I don’t really go to the mailbox in my socks but I was able to rhyme it! I was just making a regular journey to the mailbox, needing to get mail that came–but your thought on expecting something is good! As to the shock–wet socks can be quite a shock to warm feet! Your comments were fun.


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