snow begins to melt
snow begins to melt

I looked out my window this morning to find a light dusting of snow on the deck, on the neighbors’ roofs, and on the ground. We had a lot of snow before Thanksgiving, but not much since, unlike cities in the Northeast!

My husband would have said I was silly, but I have been taken with the “folding” of melting snow. I saw it on my car years ago and not long ago, I saw it on the rock wall as it melted. I can’t do it with my hands; nature does it!


Scientists say that each snowflake is unique. I ask, how can that be when it takes so many to make the kind of scenery some places have been inundated with? Even more amazing, they say the same thing about people. We have unique fingerprints, “eye prints,” voices. Even identical twins still have small differences, hard to see even for their parents at times. How can that be when there are billions of people on the earth? And identical twins come from the same egg and sperm? And children, born to the same parents and live for years in the same house, vary immensely! My mother used to say about her four children, “How can four children from the same parents be so different?” Even adorable new-born animals may look exactly alike, but as you watch them, they display different temperaments.


The One who created all this must be more than amazing! How our Creator must love variety, for nature is full of it, down to the tiniest detail! Not just in form, but in colors. There are colors that the human eye cannot see. There are things so small scientists are just beginning to discover them. Overwhelming facts. And amazing to my finite human mind. I want to think I should understand all things, but who can understand this Creator that does such amazing things! As I read about Him in Scripture, I am overwhelmed not only by His power but by His love and justice.

In all this, I am brought to thanksgiving. This Creator has given us a wonderful, beautiful Creation, and despite our ingratitude has made it possible for me to fellowship with Him.


1 thought on “Amazing!

  1. Yes, the variety and different forms of natural colours and views is awesome and great. It shows the greatness of the creater.
    One thing I want to tell you . Human who posses great intellectual abilities is infinite and unlimited in his potential .
    God had blessed with superior abilities to think and discover and grow much more than other creatures and living beings.
    Of course , to God belongs the whole world and he is the highest supreme and creative power in the universe.


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