Beautiful Leafless Tree

The sky was bright blue and clear with only a couple wispy white clouds decorating it. Reaching into it was a leafless tree, ravaged by winter cold. Lifeless trees remind me of the end of things, like winter reminds me of old age–which age I am. Lifeless trees are not pretty; we await spring when they once again brighten the day with brilliant green and glorious shade. Ah, the beauty of spring.

But as I gazed out the window that bright morning, I stared at the tree reaching for sunlight. The sun seemed to bath its lifeless branches in a coating of gold. Its branches, framed by the azure sky, looked beautiful. What an amazing sight. It was as if it was saying, the sun brings beauty to what doesn’t have beauty.

What of me? My “leaves” have fallen off and age has robbed me of youthful beauty. I have gray hair and wrinkles and some other problems brought on by age. However, I am assured that as the Son shines on me, I have beauty only He may see, but as I abide in Him, that beauty will reflect on those around me.

Bathed in the sun's rays


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