You’re Doing a Good Job Mom

Mom Life Now


We moved into our new place without putting the locks back on the toilet seats. “Pierce is older now. We will not need them.” I thought.

Very. Bad. Thinking.

I found my son standing over the toilet, his mouth sucking on a twisty straw which he had been dipping in the toilet water.

What was I supposed to do with this?? I was clueless. I washed his hands, and tried splashing a little water in his mouth. Because we all know water splashing takes the germs away!

And so seems to go my mom life. I try, but I fail, over and over again. . .

I woke up with these huge ambitions of all we were going to accomplish this day. It is now nap time and so far the only productive thing we have managed is getting dressed. Well, dressed for a little while. Both kids seemed to have somehow…

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