Five Seasons of Change; poetry about life

What a picture of the changes of life. As I read it, I thought of the change of the relationship in marriage as the years go by. My husband was more attractive to me after forty years of marriage than when we married. I appreciated Don putting it poetry.

Don MacIver; poetry & prose

image of male warbler for poem Seasons For Change

photo c/o Google Search

Miracles may not happen every day

Yet their flourish abundantly clear

From the darkest recesses morning’s light

And the whisper of wind’s reminder

A budding romance of spring’s abiding

Young warbler’s song in spirited chiding


Infancy weathers a growing season

Where darkness yields a sun-furrowed brow

Inquisitive as a youthful learning

Through seeds of burgeon and timely passage

Swelter of summer’s sultry advance and

Coy as a midlife flirtation’s dawning


Our lives in transition, winds of autumnal

Mutations of color, inclination’s

Desire tempered as summer solstice

Chilled by the nearness of winter’s looming

Though by heart’s estimation, loving you

Came as gentle occasion’s interval


And nigh in the onset of wintertide’s

Frosting as blanketed limbs of naked

Limbs’ outreaching, a snowflake’s caressing

The warbler remarks a love’s romancing

You and I in graces, twilight living

As fonder memories, heartsounds intoned


Hence as…

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2 thoughts on “Five Seasons of Change; poetry about life

  1. Darlene, thank you so much for sharing this post…it was indeed very special and heartfelt in its writing. Life is such a tremendous journey, relatively brief and hopefully my poetry will find purpose and peace wherever it goes.

    The seasons come and go, changing in every dynamic including associated connection to the human spirit and the lives we lead. May each day be blessed with the infinite gift of living.

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