Thanksgiving visit

I spent Thanksgiving with my daughter and her boys. One of the things I am thankful for is that they live close enough that I have the opportunity to visit them often during the year. I am thankful too that I can live through the sibling rivalry and brother-wrestling! It is quite different from the quiet lifestyle I have living with my sister and her husband, both retired.

My husband I raised two daughters and it has been interesting to watch my grandchildren  grow.  My husband used to say people lied to him when they said girls were quieter  and ate less than boys; he said that until he had grandsons! Then he said, “They didn’t lie!” He was raised as an only child and a quiet one at that. Being with his grandchildren sometimes was a challenge for him!

I love being a Grandma. Although I am glad to be back to my quiet lifestyle, I always cry as I leave and miss my grandchildren when I’m home. I wonder where life will take them and if I will be able to see them often as they grow older. I wonder if I can have an influence for good in their lives. There are lots of temptations out there to pull them off track. So I pray for them, that no matter what happens, God will use it to draw them to himself so I can see them in heaven!

I look forward to spending Christmas with my second daughter and her four! I will be glad to get back to my quiet lifestyle, but I will cry when I leave them and I will miss them. I guess that’s what being a Grandma is all about!


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