Still giving thanks?

2014 Thanksgiving Day is over. I had given thanks for God’s many blessings. It was a good day.

Does it end there? Do I go back to taking things for granted now that the legal holiday is past?

No. In the days leading up to that good day, a friend gave me a book, One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. I was challenged to write 1000 things I appreciated as gifts. So I began. The sky was especially beautiful one day. One night it was very cold and I was thankful for a warm bed and fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm. I was thankful for God’s forgiveness when I had sinned that day. There was the bird that sat in the bare branches of the tree and the moon’s glow on the snow. I am over 400 now!

As I expressed thanks, He gave me joy and peace. My trust in Him grew. The God of the universe loved insignificant me enough to give me gifts, especially the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Could I not trust Him to lead and care for me?

He has given me so many gifts. Should I treat Him any less than I would anyone who gave me a gift? Gratitude should be an ever present part of my life.


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