I was looking out my window yesterday, and I saw white snow dots blowing around. It reminded me of one day a few years ago when I went out when the snow was falling in my black winter coat. As the flakes fell on my coat sleeve, I was amazed. I could see the intricate patterns of each snowflake. They reminded me of paper snowflakes I have made, except they were so much smaller and much more beautiful, laying there on their black background. I stared at them as they melted. Their beauty was awesome. I was sorry to see them disappear. The Creator who made such intricate, awesome things was One who deserved my praise.

As I look around and take note of what I see, I realize there are many things that are beautiful, things I often take for granted and never say thank you to the the One who made them, this One who loves beauty. As I have begun to take note and realize how blessed I am to behold God’s gifts, I am finding joy. When I face the bad things, I think of the gifts He has given me and I find I can walk through bad things with Him.


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